Holy poop – Migrating Drupal to WordPress

Well, I’m mostly done with the “migration” part of this little exercise. I used some great scripts found online (will update with links later) that got my content and links over but lost some critical metadata including categories, timestamps, and published/unpublished settings. This led to the shocking dicovery that a full 40% of my blog posts never make it past the draft stage, mostly because I think the concepts warrant an in-depth handling so I bog down after the initial outline. This, in turn, means that my favorite posts never get published. Ah well.

Another hiccup showed up in the form of weird domain behavior. I now have the updated blog living on cycloneranger.com while the old Drupal site persists at chriskeane.net (they used to be mirrors) until I’m ready to finally pull the plug.

So next comes the process of pruning weak posts, moving pages back into pages, possibly adding timestamps, figuring out the missing images, and general cleanup. After that it’s 100% WordPress joy – themes, plugins, and more posts.

I chose to migrate off of Drupal in part because I realized that I’d never achieve my dream of building a blog-plus-pages-plus-gallery personal site, so a full CMS was overkill. Drupal releases frequent code updates which, in my n00bish experience, often jeopardize my content data during the update process. The developer community and plugins are also a bit more DIY than WP, which is cool in theory but a timesuck if you aren’t interested in refining your PHP skills beyond script kidding. WordPress, on the other hand, is delightfully elegant, is still only at v2.7, and has Akismet baked in. What’s not to like?

Drupal will live on though, as I work on setting up a back-end for non-KickApps functionality on Dub & Reggae and create a Drigg site for dub enthusiasts at dubmusiconline.com.

As for those draft posts, I have a lot of writing ahead of me…