Tim Ferriss productivity tips

Reminders from Tim Ferriss for being productive instead of being busy

Via BNet. I love Tim. Seriously.

  1. Elimination, not organization, is key
  2. Single task – focus on start-to-finish completion of a few critical tasks
  3. Pareto principle (80/20) – you’ll get 80% of results from best 20% actions
  4. Divorce effort from results – performance instead of presence – focus on results and clearly defined milestones – “Crutch” activities e.g. checking email are really procrastination
  5. Optimize your environment that forces you to do the proper things instead of relying on self discipline (e.g. Paul Graham’s 2 desks) – Parkinson’s law
  6. Culitvate selective ignorance – catch up when need be, instead of keeping up – let things wait