Producty goodness – May 13, 2010

Interesting post by Andrew Chen:
Min desirable vs. Min viable product. He advocates that a desirable product is better in some cases (high growth consumer-facing) than a viable product at the outset.

From his slideshare: the IDEO human-centered design toolkit. They offer 2 free downloads as part of the HCD:

  1. HCD Toolkit (PDF)
  2. HCD Field Guide (PDF)

From Dave McClure: startup metrics for pirates. A very in-depth slideshow on metrics that you can match to business success.

Matt Singley’s super fast, simple implementation of the easy power of the new Facebook APIs. I need to slap some of this Facebook stuff on Dub n Reggae – it’s summer so people are using the site! I’m considering using this Facebook Connect plugin for WordPress.

I’m also considering bumping CycloneRanger up to WP 3 so I can play with all the new toys. Also looking at Elastic Themes for design. I know it’s completely non-semantic, but most CSS layout frameworks use this methodology these days. Pragmatism 1, artistry 0.

I just got an iPad and am thinking about these “overlooked lessons about the iPad.” They’re not entirely accurate – the iPad responses aren’t snappy, there’s a significant border of nonfunctional screen space, and Win tried using the famous “Cat in the Hat” book app but couldn’t stop turning the pages backwards. Seriously, who designs an app for little kids and chooses provide “page forward” and “page back” functionality and then distinguish them only by the direction of a gesture? Sounds like a case of grown-ups designing to impress Oprah instead of designing for the end user (kids).

Also, while the point that the iPad represents a new generation of “lean back” devices (yay for media producers), the Good Experience blog overlooks the real strategic objective isn’t touch interfaces, it’s thin clients that are locked into closed cloud-based platforms. Touch screens will be commodity hardware in 2-3 years, if not sooner.