Less stuff, more relationships and experiences

This weekend I read 2 interesting articles from the NYTimes that relate to our vision for the new commercial community we’re building at OpenSky:

It’s too bad the good folks at Daily Grommet don’t know of anyone else in their space, given that OpenSky is creating a Daily Grommet in every niche, for every interest. Why limit this “referral and endorsement” role to a limited population of thought leaders when everyone knows someone they trust to recommend the perfect product or solution for any number of needs? Let a daily grommet bloom in every home, in every conversation. There’s an opportunity for every OpenSky seller to watch and learn best practices from Daily Grommet’s success.

This is the new American dream: editing down to the right stuff, not having more stuff. OpenSky’s role is a proponent a new, quality-oriented economy rather than a traditional marketing machine: the purveyor of rampant consumerism.

A joint note from the 2 articles: the founder of Daily Grommet claims consumers have “a burning hunger for real leadership and access to authentic experiences and trustworthy people.” According to sources cited in the happiness article, experiences and relationships are the key to persistent happiness.

So the question for us at OpenSky and anyone else trying to innovate in this space isn’t “how can we sell more stuff?” It’s “how are we providing great experiences and connecting people?”