Daddy’s little Dexter

Drawing with Win is always a serendipitous adventure. We work together like Warhol and Basquiat, with me coloring inside the lines and her deconstructing contemporary cultural icons.

Here’s her latest work, and I think her best.
I call it “Sheriff Lecter”:
Sheriff Woody, eater of the dead
If you ask Win what her favorite color is, she’ll tell you purple. But when she reaches into the bucket of markers, you can always bet on red.

While I hate to be too critical of her budding talent, I am glad she’s past her “blacking out every princess’s eyes and mouth” phase.

One thought on “Daddy’s little Dexter”

  1. Your decision to post this artwork lacks forethought. What if, one day, she actually does feed some cowboy his own fingers? You just robbed us of the “she seemed like such a nice kid” argument.

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