Growth School

A few months ago, I began to focus heavily on driving organic member growth at OpenSky. Since then we’ve seen significant gains to viral coefficient and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Step #1 for anyone should be a hyper-detailed cohort report. Looking at organic growth, I maintain a day-by-day funnel report of how… Continue reading Growth School

How to startup and how to market it when you do

Sorry, no analysis here; I’m bookmarking this stuff for later reference. Fred Wilson’s Harvard MBA class discussion of startup success. Jeffrey Bussgang’s writeup of the event. Fred Wilson’s instantly-famous diss on marketing and suggestions re alternative tactics. Fred’s follow up post. Counterpoint from SEOMoz. David Karp talks about creating Tumblr. (My whole post is a… Continue reading How to startup and how to market it when you do

The $25,000 web page

Here’s how Yaro Starak, internet marketing royalty, sets the stage to collect $25,000 simply by talking to 5 people. I occasionally enjoy Yaro’s blog and email newsletter for their clear demonstrations of direct marketing tactics. Most recently, Yaro pitched his forthcoming “Elite Entrepreneur Coaching Program” on this page. When it works, he’ll collect $25,000 by… Continue reading The $25,000 web page

How to get people to advertise your stuff, for free

While everyone else is rolling their own social media sites and wringing their hands about how to monetize them, why not use them to get some free advertising?

Here’s how: give away your professionally-produced photos and videos, and maybe even some slick audio files. Invite people to use them in their social media creations.

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