Buried treasure

“They should use the latest version.” “The engineers should read the spec.” “The designers should look at the numbers.” “Our clients should embrace Agile.” “The execs should invest in branding.” “He should read his emails.” “People should speak up in this meeting.” “Everyone should put down their phones for a sec.” “Someone should tell him.”… Continue reading Buried treasure

Product management articles

Most articles about product management and startup strategy just rehash content that originated elsewhere or are about winning the lottery. Here’s some that I go back to often: Startup Metrics for Pirates by Dave McClure of 500 Startups is a classic because it quantifies successful product design (Another, medium format; a longer format. The One… Continue reading Product management articles

Stuff I’m reading – Sept 10

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb Here’s stuff that tickled me brain this week: Andy Cranberry referenced this article as an argument for the prodmans’ continued existence. Contrast with Posterous founder’s article about the last thing a product needs is a… Continue reading Stuff I’m reading – Sept 10

Reposting web prodman resources

I have been a product manager long enough that I’ve begun to frame much of my world view in prodman terms – just this past weekend I spent an afternoon cruising the aisles of a supermarket, searching for foodstuffs and thinking “and this is exactly why folksonomies trump hierarchical taxonomies!” (if this sounds interesting, check… Continue reading Reposting web prodman resources

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s best interview question

The NY Times recently interviewed Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Most of the published conversation focuses on building a good corporate culture. When asked for his best interview question, Tony offered this: What would you say is the biggest misperception that people have of you? Really good one. I usually ask “if I called someone who… Continue reading Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s best interview question

Tim Ferriss productivity tips

Reminders from Tim Ferriss for being productive instead of being busy Via BNet. I love Tim. Seriously. Elimination, not organization, is key Single task – focus on start-to-finish completion of a few critical tasks Pareto principle (80/20) – you’ll get 80% of results from best 20% actions Divorce effort from results – performance instead of… Continue reading Tim Ferriss productivity tips

Iconoclasm Fail

Interesting statement from an article by Emily Yoffe on Slate (the rest of the piece is a mini-memoir on the Facebook experience and  doesn’t add much meat): Brenda Bradley, a Cambridge University zoologist doing research on primate evolution […] explained a theory about what drove the evolution of human intelligence: It was the need to… Continue reading Iconoclasm Fail

Holy poop – Migrating Drupal to WordPress

Well, I’m mostly done with the “migration” part of this little exercise. I used some great scripts found online (will update with links later) that got my content and links over but lost some critical metadata including categories, timestamps, and published/unpublished settings. This led to the shocking dicovery that a full 40% of my blog… Continue reading Holy poop – Migrating Drupal to WordPress

It’s hard out here…

Still pimpin’ sites, this time a good one: Rachel’s Mountain Reviews is a great place to find member-created reviews of ski and snowboarding runs across the US.

Her profile page should give you a better idea of what the site is all about. You can join and create your own profile using the “Sign Up” links in the upper right on every page on the site.