I am a compulsive bookmarker, and I dream of the day when human-indexing once again drives search
Brother Justin’s personal website
Matt Ludwig Art Direction and Graphic Design
Matt is a designer, former business partner, and all-around nice guy
What can brown do for you?
Lucy Schaeffer Photography
Stunning editorial and wedding photography.
Garrett Tezanos: Modern Day Classics
Garrett’s online film editing portfolio. I’ve appeared in one of his films, but I don’t think it’s featured. Sigh.
I am a proud former employee
Flashlight Worthy Books
Book recommendations for book clubs and casual readers. It’s a great site and I’m an advisor – what could posssibly go wrong?
Dub and Reggae
An online music and video community dedicated to dub and reggae.
Dub Music Online
A site strictly about dub music. Still working on this one…
Widget Death Match!
2 widgets. 1 ring. No rules. Completely defunct.
LAMP Security
Security advisories, hardening open source tech, and more.

Lost? Other Keanes You May Be Seeking

To the best of my knowledge, I have no relation to any of these people or institutions.

Keane, the massive IT company
I hope I can enjoy the irony if my own tech job is one day outsourced by these fine people.
The band
Chris Keane
Screenplay writer/teacher
Chris Keane
The photojournalist, specializing in sports photography
Chris Keane, rugby superstar
Dapper Keano is nearly as handsome as I am, and we both dream of being pro surfers
Chris Keane, litigator
My favorite doppleganger, he looks friendly, until he hands you your ass in court!
Wikipedia’s Keane Disambiguation Page
A list of other Keanes

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