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Lucy Schaeffer’s photography site is live. Lucy is my friend, so I’m glad her photos are so great or it would be really uncomfortable discussing her work. Phew!

SpiffyWebCo is a fun little collective of little people who are doing some small but cool projects.Keep an eye out, cuz we’re going to blow your mind. A little.

George Washington – who knew history could kick so much ass? No wonder he founded the USA in his spare time!

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A Respectable Initial Sprint

Update: Respectr is live!

Huned and I sat down today to attempt to complete a Rails Web app. The bad news is that we didn’t finish, though we made some great progress. Rails is extremely fast – had we been working with a different hacker language like PHP, I think we’d have gotten bogged down in the details and lost focus.

We’re hoping to finish up the build this week, so we can dive into a private beta release, then jump to a public launch when we’re confident the code scales well.

Lorem Ipsum 2.0: New Greek Text

“Greek” text is filler copy used during the design process. While it’s always ideal to work from real text, there are a number of cases where this isn’t possible, such as cases where a design will hold dynamic content, such as a blog template or a message board page. It can also sometimes be useful to dissociate text from visual design in order to limit the variables in a problematic layout, or to focus an approval process.

In the past, I’ve always grabbed the old school Latin from sources like It can become tiring to explain the role of

What Do You Show When There’s Nothing to Show?

A hole would be something. No, it was nothing.
Rock Biter, The NeverEnding Story

After countless hours, days, months, or even years of work, your social-networking-slash-content-management application is complete. It’s scalable, it’s rich, it flashes pretty lights and makes every comment sound witty. You throw the launch party, break the bottle across the bow, and send the final check to the offshore development firm. You open the doors to eager users who pour into your site and fill it with …nothing.

Welcome to reality: most users are mostly lazy.

Simple QA Cheat Sheet

Testing a complex website or web-based application can become especially tedious when you don’t have a good sense of when you’re “done”. After working on several projects where I’ve either handled User Acceptance Testing personally or outsourced to a temp, I’ve come up with a baseline boilerplate QA checklist.

If you’re a web designer or project manager, it might provide a nice starting point for QA. If you’re non-tech person looking to evaluate a website, it’s a nice way to make sure all of the bases are covered.