Growth School

A few months ago, I began to focus heavily on driving organic member growth at OpenSky. Since then we’ve seen significant gains to viral coefficient and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Step #1 for anyone should be a hyper-detailed cohort report. Looking at organic growth, I maintain a day-by-day funnel report of how… Continue reading Growth School

Nice little data visualization tools list offers this selection of data visualization tools that they use frequently. They include a nice note in the footer of their page that this isn’t a comprehensive list of information visualization tools, just the libraries that they prefer for their own work.

Urban Rainbow

Shared with me by Andy Fisher, a photo taken by his bro from an NYC office.

Creating from sun and sand

The output is pretty raw, but this is an exciting first step. Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

Woodkid – Iron

A couple of weeks ago I found some old Elric paperbacks on someone’s stoop (that’s how we freecycle in BKLN – just leave your cool crap on the stoop for someone else). As an old school D&D player, I knew of Elric but hadn’t ever read Michael Moorcock’s tale of the nihilist young Melnibonean emperor… Continue reading Woodkid – Iron

Amy Winehouse

Some things are pure but other things are meant to be.

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How to startup and how to market it when you do

Sorry, no analysis here; I’m bookmarking this stuff for later reference. Fred Wilson’s Harvard MBA class discussion of startup success. Jeffrey Bussgang’s writeup of the event. Fred Wilson’s instantly-famous diss on marketing and suggestions re alternative tactics. Fred’s follow up post. Counterpoint from SEOMoz. David Karp talks about creating Tumblr. (My whole post is a… Continue reading How to startup and how to market it when you do